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The Toledano Group

קבוצת טולידאנו
The Toledano Group

A realtor is good, a lawyer is good, a mortgage adviser is good,
A Property manager is good, a remodeling contractor is good, an appraiser is good,
But when all the most professional and reliable consultants are
“Under one roof”

It is perfect.

Our firm has the unique and leading advantage in the field of real estate in Israel, which contains within it and all under our umbrella, all the professionals required in the field, the One Stop Shop method relating to investments in Israel in the most efficient and correct way. All our professionals are renowned, reliable and the most professional in the field.

Our firm has extensive experience in the field for over a decade, when everything is accomplished with close legal and business support by experts with experience, including a wide array of connections in the real estate market in Israel in all its components and aspects.

We undertake to negotiate properly and in good faith for you and on your behalf, we will act and maximize all our efforts so that you are able to purchase and invest your money only in the correct, smartest and best way for you, all this in full trust, with full disclosure of the transaction, full protection of your rights and money. We offer the full range of the best and most suitable conditions for you.

Our firm has extensive information on the real estate market in Israel, with substantial and diverse knowledge of many properties and investment possibilities throughout the country in all areas, purchase costs and options, assets and investments of private investors, many companies and projects in Israel all working with the firm, which commit to securing the best price for our customers, with full disclosure in an honest and responsible way.

Our firm handles large and small clients that include many diverse investment funds and private investors from Israel and around the world, and today more than ever, you have the most accessibility to unique market opportunities and to reap the benefits of our accumulative strength in the field, for your personal benefit. You will  receive a comprehensive and personal VIP service.

When everything is done in the simplest method:
You purchased = you paid
You did not buy / did not invest = you did not pay.
No small print, no tricks and no stories, literally.

All our services are offered with a detailed cost in advance, you can utilizeall the services or part of them,
Everything is according to your requirements and at your request only.

above all

Finding a property or
Investment in Israel



Legal Services

Comprehensive Service

Services relating to sale of properties

You purchased – You paid
You didn't purchase –
you didn't pay

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Reliability above all

Before taking important and far-reaching steps, you require professional services – a a person who will act with reliability, fairness and integrity, who will tell you the full details for better or worse, who will act only according to your wishes and personal interests.

In addition, it is preferable to have a “local” representative with extensive experience, skills and connections, all with a full understanding of all the required integral details, closely accompanied by all the best professionals, who will conduct successful negotiations for you and on your behalf, fully understanding the big picture, for all intents and purposes.

We are committed to acting for you and on your behalf with credibility and complete integrity, because this is our credo, as our acquaintances and many customers in Israel and around the world will testify.

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International Services

Our office has local representatives in many countries, who will provide professional services to you until the end of the transaction to your complete satisfaction.

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Finding a property/Investment in Israel

We will handle all matters for you as your personal representative, finding an investment or property per your request anywhere in Israel, that meets your expectations and requirements and all in accordance with the conditions and standards you set in advance in a meeting and / or a discussion with you. We’ll check available assets that are closest to your requirements, and prior to accessing the array of options available in the market, we will check all the minute details while negotiating for you “as locals” with extensive experience in the field and area. We will check the value of the property, negotiate the price, strive to achieve the best conditions for you and all with full disclosure thus providing as much detail as possible about the property and accompanied costs. We will make the best and most attractive deal for you.

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Legal Services

We will take care of all your legal services, with a full explanation of the legal implications, we will perform full legal checks on investments and / or assets, we will accompany you personally and closely until the full completion of the transaction, all in order to protect you, and you will receive any additional legal service as required, in addition, there is a service of signing all the required documents at your place of residence, as far as possible in almost any point in the world for purchase and in order to access and give you the best and most professional service available. The leading real estate notary in Israel, David Toledano Office & notary Law David Toledano, (Toledanodavid.co.il) or by additional lawyers and / or others as you wish.
We hereby clarify that the cost of the legal service is separate, and according to the service you request.

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Financing & Mortgages

Our office works with all the banks in Israel. We will take care of obtaining financing and / or mortgages from banks in Israel and / or by any other financing source, by the best mortgage advisers and experts in Israel, when we act and ensure that the financing terms and / or mortgage are given to you on the best terms available to you.

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Comprehensive Services

Our firm, has professionals and representatives who will handle for you and on your behalf any matters related to and / or required for your investment and / or property in Israel, including among others: accountants, tax consultants, appraisers, inspectors, handling the rental of the property, full care required for property maintenance, finding reliable and professional construction and / or renovation contractors in their field, architects, engineers, and / or in finding all the professionals required to carry out the repairs and / or renovations and / or other work according to your requests and requirements. An experienced and certified construction supervisor, a graduate of the Technion who will supervise the entire execution, he will make sure that it was done in a proper, safe manner and to your complete satisfaction.

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Services relating to sale of properties

We represent many buyers, sellers and investors from Israel and from all over the world with assets and investments in Israel.

You have a good and worthy property in Israel, and you want to sell it, or offer any other investment in Israel that you think can suit our customers?

We will be happy if you contact us with contact information, as well as with the property or investment details including: photos, appraisals, plans and any documentation that can help us understand the details of your investment or property in detail, all by email to: toledano@gmail.com and we will contact you, act and search for the most suitable buyer, negotiate for you as local representatives with full knowledge of the market situation and all that this entails, while obtaining the conditions as your request, and / or receiving the best and appropriate price for the property.

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You purchased – You paid
You didn't purchase – you didn't pay

We believe in the service we provide, and our proven capabilities and all possibilities
Therefore we advocate and operate solely in the simple method of:
You bought / invested = you paid, you did not buy / did not invest = you did not pay.
No small print, and no tricks, literally.

ביאור ממדרש רות זוטא פרשה ד:

“וַיֹּאמֶר בֹּעַז בְּיוֹם קְנוֹתְךָ הַשָּׂדֶה… וזרע עבדיו ינחלוה” (תהילים ס”ט לו)

מכאן אמרו כל הקונה ארבע אמות בארץ ישראל מובטח לו שהוא בן עולם הבא. נראה שיש עניין שיהיה לאדם חלק בארץ לשם חלק.

מדברי האבן עזרא בראשית ל”ג פסוק יט:

“ויקן את חלקת השדה “

חלק בשדה והזכיר זה הכתוב, להודיע כי מעלה גדולה יש לארץ ישראל. מי שיש לו בה חלק, חשוב הוא כחלק עולם הבא

מובא בתלמוד במסכת יבמות (דף ס”ג) אמר רבי אלעזר:

” כל אדם שאין לו קרקע ( פירוש: בישראל ) אינו אדם “.

בשו”ת אבני נזר (יו”ד סימן תנ”ה) נכתב בעניין מצוות ישוב ארץ ישראל:

“כי אפילו עבור אנשים היושבים מחוץ לישראל זו מצווה לקנות נחלה בארץ ישראל

והדבר נחשב כאלו יושבים בארץ ישראל”

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